I would like to sell my Hasselblad 503 CX camera, lenses and accessories as follows:

The following items were purchased NEW:

Hasselblad 503Pro-X includes:
• Camera body
• Planar f2.8 80mm
• 120 magazine
• Waist level view-finder
• Camera Neck-strap
• Camera Manual
• Camera Original Box
• Hasselblad Certification Nomenclature
(for camera, lens and A12 magazine)

Hasselblad Lenses
• Distagon f3.5 50mm
• Sonnar f4.0 180mm

Hasselblad Lens Shades
• Hasselblad 40668 Lens Shade (for 50mm lens)
• Hasselblad 40670 Lens Shade (for 80mm lens)
• 40738 Proshade 6093 (for 180mm lens)
• 40741 Proshade Adapter 6093
• 51711 Soft Filter Kit for Proshade
( includes soft light, soft medium and soft heavy 100mm filters)

Lens Filters
• Hasselblad 51603 Polarizer 60mm
• Hasselblad 41608 UV-SKY 60mm
• Hasselblad 81B 60mm
• Niko LMC 8-Y 60mm

Dennis Reggie Flash Bracket
Cable Release

The following items were purchased USED:

• Hasselblad 220 Magazine
• Hasselblad 42294 Meter Prism Finder PME-3
(included original box and manual)
• Hasselblad Polaroid Back

Equipment Condition
The items I purchased new are in perfect working condition as seen in the images below.
The Polaroid back was treated roughly but worked just fine for me.
The PME-3 meter prism has a few scratches but worked perfectly for me.
The 220 magazine was treated roughly but worked well for me.

I did extensive research as best I could on the internet and came up with a price of $6200. I have had offers to purchase certain items, but I have refused all of those offers because I want to sell all of this equipment at once.

Because I want to sell all of these items at once, I have reduced the price down to $4500.

You may reach mw with any further questions by using my
Contact form.
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The image above shows the Hasselblad 503 CX camera with the waist-level viewfinder, the 80mm lens, lens shade, camera manual, original box and certification docs.
Stacks Image 172
The above image shows all of the gear less a few original boxes (shown below) which includes:

Hasselblad 503 CX camera with:
PME-3 meter prism finder, 120 magazine, 180mm F4 Sonnar lens and Proshade
Polaroid Back
220 Magazine
Hasselblad 80mm Planar F2.8 lens with 40670 lens shade
50mm Distagon F3.5 lens with 40668 lens shade
Hasselblad Waist Level Viewfinder
Hasselblad 51603 60mm Polarizer Filter
Hasselblad 41608 60mm UV-SKY Filter
Hasselblad 81B 60mm Filter
Niko 60mm LMC 8-Y Filter
Cable Release
Camera Owner’s Manual

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The above image shows the Hasselblad 503 CX with 80mm Planar F2.8 lens, Hasselblad lens shade, Hasselblad PME-3 Meter Prism and 120 magazine.
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The above image shows the following Hasselblad lenses:

50mm Distagon F3.5 lens
80mm Planar F2.8 lens
180mm Sonnar F4.0 lens

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The above images shows:

Hasselblad 503 Pro CX
180mm Sonnar lens
Softar Filter Kit